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Environmental Impact

Running a sustainable business is not as tough as it sounds. At eBlueprint we take simple steps to ensure that the way we act day-to-day does not damage our precious and beautiful environment. We encourage all businesses to take responsibility for the way they work so that the impact they have is a positive one.


Personal Impact

Travel and transportation have a massive impact on the environment. The combustion of fossil fuels pollutes the air and damages the world we live in. That's why we walk and catch public transport to work. It's surprisingly easy when our offices are centrally located in urban centres with tons of public transport. 

When we fly, we fly green, offsetting our emissions through the purchase of carbon credits provided by our favourite environmentally conscious airlines. What makes an even bigger impact is our use of virtual meeting tools such as IBM Sametime which means we don't have to fly when it's not necessary.

Efficient Technology

By utilising virtualisation, consolidating IT systems and driving Software-as-a-Service cloud systems we are able to dramatically reduce the amount of energy required for a customer solution and internal needs. We now run multiple virtual servers on every physical server available to us reducing the power that we consume accordingly.

VMware suggests that such energy savings can be as high as 80% and up to 4 tons of CO2 emissions are eliminated via a single virtual server; a significant feature when looking to lessen your own company‚Äôs environmental impact.  A further benefit of server virtualization in particular is the saving of approximately 7000kWh of electricity annually equating to around $700 per year.

Green Power

100% of the electricity that powers our technology is green-sourced power. For us it comes from predominantly solar, wind and hydro sources and is provided by local Victorian energy providers. It's simple to connect and doesn't really cost us much more than traditional power sources.