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About Us

eBlueprint is a powerful, energetic and innovative Technology Solutions provider with over 14 years of experience delivering robust end-to-end solutions. We enable companies from different sizes, industries and geographies to reach outstanding business outcomes through optimised IT investments.

Given our multi-vendor approach, our offers are backed by the best technology in the market, providing our clients with cutting edge and high performance enterprise products and services, ensuring their businesses run efficiently.

eBlueprint has a successful proven track record in servicing a range of industries including Retail, Healthcare and Financial, as well as Government Departments.

What we do:

Our Value

eBlueprint has been founded with a core focus on the success of our customer. Before developing our services, we focused on identifying the key value drivers for our Integration, Digital, Cloud Services and Consulting Practices, as well as our additional end-to-end services.

We provide high value services to our customers and ensure that our broader business strategy within the marketplace reflects this:

“We confidently assist you to identify, implement and manage your investment in technology to achieve your business objectives through enhancing the end-user experience.”


Our Team

Executive Team

Richard Lynders


Richard Lynders is the visionary who built the eBlueprint business. He has over 25 years experience in the information technology sector having been involved in projects of varied complexity, size and value. He has led in-house and external design teams resulting in significant business wins and successful delivery of projects to meet client expectations.

Richard left a Senior role at IBM and established eBlueprint in 2002 and due to his involvement in the technology industry over a long number of years, has built a wide network of clients and contacts with business partners and other industry colleagues. Having established eBlueprint with less than $50k, Richard has been able to move the company to handling contracts over $5 million.

Richard is a respected leader and decision maker with well honed strategic skills, he focuses on delivering value for money and building strong partnerships with clients and partners. A strong all rounder with a detailed understanding of all aspects of the technology industry.

Reeanjou Ram


Reeanjou has over 15 years of international and domestic experience managing large scale transformation and change programs, incorporating company mergers & acquisition, across a number of sectors and industries and has extensive experience managing strategic and operational outcomes.

Reeanjou thrives on working with clients and business partners to tackle business challenges and unlock opportunities through design thinking and strategy development. Understanding business objectives, shaping successful initiatives, mobilising financial and human capital and building high performing committed teams focused on business outcomes and hard results.

Reeanjou’s respect for governance and process rigour coupled with focus and determination ensure not just strategic, but executional excellence for eBlueprint clients and partners.

Management Team

Timothy Sim

Integration Business Practice Lead

Timothy Sim has over 20 years’ experience in software development and IT consulting roles with 15 years in senior information security roles. He has been responsible for providing strategic advisory services, architecture and design services, managing solution delivery projects, leading technical delivery teams.

Tim has extensive experience delivering solutions for customers across a broad range of sectors including government, healthcare, and financial organisations. As Integration Practice Lead, Tim is responsible for all aspects of the Integration Practice, and is backed by an experienced team focused on ensuring that customers realise real value from their Integration solutions.


At eBlueprint, we aim to deliver high-value solutions to our customers that generate outstanding business success. To accomplish this goal, we rely on powerful partnerships with leaders in the industry.

Our multi-vendor approach allows us to guarantee to our customers that they will always benefit from the best-of-breed technology that best suits their needs and budgets, agnostic to product or brand.

Our strategic and powerful partner ecosystem extends eBlueprint’s capabilities, ensuring our customers receive end-to-end solutions that solve their most critical challenges and trigger unprecedented competitive advantage.



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