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Social Media

Interact with your customers at a personal level and deliver outstanding digital experiences that create unbreakable loyalty.

Social media solutions can help your organisation harness business intelligence across the enterprise, by monitoring, collecting and analysing social media data about your products/services, target markets, campaigns, employees, and partners. By measuring activities on your social media solutions, segmentation of your audience by behaviour can determine their likes, dislikes and the connections that influence them.

Become a truly customer-centric business through powerful social media solutions that allow you to have personalised interactions with your customers, accelerate time-to-response and increase innovation.


  • Grow business by understanding consumer sentiment
  • Evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns
  • Make better decisions and strategies across a wide range of functional areas
  • Enhance digital customer experience
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Respond to issues and requests quickly
  • Attract new customers as well as maintaining loyalty of existing customers

Resources Available

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What we offer



  • A/B Testing for improved marketing campaigns
  • Social Media monitoring
  • Content Analytics - See what your customers are actually viewing

Use Cases

  • Retail - Use social and weather data to fine tune demand forecast models
  • Retail - React to supply and quality issues faster
  • Consumer Products - Develop targeted marketing campaigns
  • Consumer Products - Enhance existing demand forecast models for products, labour and other business drivers
  • Media & Entertainment - Understand audience behaviours in real time