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Solution Description


B2B Integration

eBlueprint is a trusted B2B integration service provider and the only IBM Business Partner with B2B Integration
Gold Level Accreditation in the APAC Region – let us help you!

Streamline the exchange of data with your business partners and boost the value of powerful collaborations through robust and secure B2B integration solutions.

Automating the flow of information between your business and your suppliers and collaborators, can reduce overheads, save time and labour costs and reduce potential for human error. Fundamentally, our B2B integration web services help you increase the transparency and the speed of communication between you and other stakeholders. 

Why choose our B2B integration services?

Our B2B integrators understand that supply chains can fail, often because of a lack of automation and proper communication between trading partners. With our B2B integration solutions, connect in real time to trading partners and improve the quality and accuracy of data exchange. More accurate data grants you more control over your dealings with other companies and enables you to plan better for the future, helping you to make smarter, more informed business decisions. 

Contact our Australian or New Zealand offices today for consultation

Speak to eBlueprint – a leading B2B integration service provider based in Australia– to find out how your business could be improved.  

Benefits of our B2B Integration Services

  • Improve Efficiency
  • Guarantee Security and Compliance
  • Increase Visibility, Transparency and Control
  • Reduce Costs
  • Accelerate Time-to-market
  • Boost Competitiveness

What we offer


  • Solution Architecture
  • Gateway Design & Implementation
  • Service Design & Development
  • Deployment Frameworks & Automation
  • Business Process Development
  • Transformation Mapping
  • Performance Analysis & Tuning
  • Service Virtualisation
  • B2B Integration Managed Services

Use Cases

  • Provide simple, secure access to your systems and data to your business partners
  • Streamline interactions with your partners to realise competitive advantages
  • Gain insights into your processes to identify efficiencies and optimise your resources