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Underneath the hype and hysteria lies a game-changing technology, the proliferation of which will require a change in mindset and approach. Initially, the key to unlocking the true potential of blockchain is separating the notion of blockchain, and the platforms, such as bitcoin, that sit on top of it.

Like the numerous radical technologies of the past, blockchain adoption has been slow, with much trepidation from organisations and governments. To some extent, this is fair since blockchain isn’t right for every situation. There exist several key characteristics of a use case which need to be present to get the full value out of blockchain technology.

At eBlueprint, our technical capability and domain experience delivering complex projects for enterprise and government has given us the confidence to invest wholeheartedly in developing blockchain-based solutions.

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Cognitive, AI & Machine Learning

Billions of interconnected devices are currently gathering, analysing and distributing vast amounts of information from around the globe and beyond. This is the Internet of Things (IoT).

These interconnected devices can be embedded into everything from automotive vehicles, the home, all the way through to your phone or wearable watch/health monitors. The value of these devices is in the data they generate and in the insights that can be extracted from the data.

eBlueprint supports companies with IoT platforms with innovative advice from our expert consultants. Discover the power of Big Data through leading cognitive computing and IoT solutions to prepare your business for the future to become more integrated, intuitive and intelligent.

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