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The processes of digitising your organisation will inevitably introduce new and complex systems into the mix. However, before legacy systems can be retired (if ever), valuable data and functionality may be required.

Furthermore, in today’s digital landscape, you can gain significant competitive advantage for your organisation by seeking opportunities to partner with other organisations and individuals to create an ecosystem for your mutual benefit. Foster cooperation and expand your reach together through opening your businesses up securely to collaboration.

eBlueprint’s integration consulting team help you answer the critical questions around who and how to connect and securely expose your systems; and have the capability to work with you to implement the optimal solution.

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Full Life Cycle API Management

Modern API management solutions have evolved to cover a complete lifecycle that governs the Provisioning (including creation, deployment, promotion and optimisation) as well as the Consumption (discovery, acquisition and consumption by external parties) of APIs across online and mobile environments.

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Integration Platform as a Service

The adoption of iPaaS solutions has been growing with the ever-increasing need to connect cloud platforms, software-as-a-service applications, and on-premise systems. 

These days, it is common to have several important cloud and on-premise applications to cover various areas of the business, including finance, HR, customers, and eCommerce. If these applications aren’t talking to each other, it is likely that significant inefficiencies exist. 

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Hybrid Integration

Leverage your existing on-premise IT investments while taking full advantage of the power and flexibility of cloud-based solutions 

  • AWS
  • CA technologies
  • Dell Boomi
  • IBM
  • Mulesoft
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