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As organisations embark on, or navigate through, their digital transformation journey, it is critically important that their IT functions are optimised to enable it. With complex systems and applications residing either on-premise, in the cloud, or both; and an ever-present challenge to do more with less; organisations need more than just a help desk from a managed service.

At eBlueprint, we take on the role of a strategic partner – to not only help you offload some of your routine day-to-day tasks, but develop a strategy to allow you to concentrate on more important and customer-focused initiatives. 

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Cloud Migration & IaaS

If implemented correctly, the benefits of cloud can be significant with increased agility, faster time to market through automation and frictionless governance processes. However, understanding the appropriateness, approach, technology and financial implications are critical and can be the difference between an optimal and (sometimes very) sub-optimal outcome.

At eBlueprint, using automation and the latest cloud portfolio management tools, we help you understand the cost of migration, application dependency mapping, performance, availability, security, privacy and regulatory requirements of moving some, or all, of your operations to the cloud; and then work with your team to implement the best solution. 


We work with your team to develop a strategy using common tools and fostering the right culture that allows them to collaborate across development, testing, and deployment in an automated and efficient way

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Managed IT Services

24x7 Support, Licensing and Training

Organisations can no longer afford downtime in their IT infrastructure. Even for companies who don’t maintain an eCommerce presence, if your website is down for a couple of hours on one day, that can amount to thousands in lost revenue, or worse reputation, as customers struggle to get what they need.

At eBlueprint, we understand that to be truly customer centric, we need to work with you to develop a tailored package that meets your individual needs and budget, helping you accomplish your business goals and ensuring your business runs smoothly without interruptions.

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Application Performance Monitoring & Management

The adage that ‘Knowledge is Power” certainly rings true when trying to ascertain why an application or system isn’t working. Not only do you need to know what tools to use, but how to interpret and act on the information uncovered. 

From monitoring how customers interact with your website or application, and how your applications subsequently perform, to proactively managing issues down to the infrastructure level, our team help you navigate and optimise.

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